Marriage Preparation Clinic

On Tuesday, January 12 we will have another Marriage Clinic here at St. Raymond at 7 pm in our Parish Hall. You may attend if you are not married in the Church and wish to be, or if you know of someone who doesn’t know about the Catholic Sacrament of Matrimony.

Just a couple of days ago an old friend called. I celebrated his wedding Mass with his wife about 25 years ago. His daughter is getting married and she wants me to do the wedding. She remembers me visiting them on their ranch north of Santa Barbara and riding horses and then staying for a BarBQue.

She wrote me today and said that she and her fiancé have planned their wedding and that they have decided to get married outside and then have the reception in the same place. She was excited about me doing the ceremony, but didn’t want a “full mass” (I have never seen a half Mass, but I know what she meant). She just wanted me, but not what the Church teaches about Holy Matrimony. It’s neither legal with the State nor allowed by the Church for a Priest to do an outside wedding. If a “Priest” did a wedding for you outside, at a hotel or hall or in a jet over Hawaii that marriage is not recognized in the Catholic Church. The Church says that you’re not really married at all. People who are married outside the Church may not receive Holy Communion or be sponsors for others who are receiving Sacraments in the Church. This includes Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion. Parents who have children and want to raise them as Catholics must be married in the Catholic Church receiving the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. To not do so is sacrilegious.

But there’s a solution. We’ll be discussing the easiest way to get that situation taken care of in a way that’s as easy as possible. There won’t be a financial charge for this. You can donate what you like, but your donation will be anonymous. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Our last meeting we had about 30 couples who needed to get this all straightened out.

Join us! We’ll be explaining some simple steps for what to do and how easy it is to be truly Married in the eyes of the Church and of God.


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